Basketball Pro 2006 Demo 1.3
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Basketball Pro 2006 Demo 1.3

Free Helps you create successful basketball strategies and share them with your team
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Helps you create successful basketball strategies and share them with your team. Basketball Pro 2006 is a practical software utility especially designed for basketball coaches. It allows you to create detailed animations to illustrate the moves you want your players to make on the court. You can specify each player's position or the exact time when a key pass must be executed. When your whole strategy is ready, you can hand it out to your players in various ways, including e-mail and DVD.

The program allows you to start creating your strategies from several predefined court models, such as FIBA, NBA, and US College. Once you have your blank court, you can start adding elements, like the ball, dots, and players of different colors. Dots are represented by little arrows wrapped in circles. You can start adding simple lines, delay lines, and player makings too, which represent players' moves. You can draw lines directly by dragging your mouse from one element to another in the court, and then specify if that should be a slow, normal, or fast move.

The program allows you to work with a zoom level ranging from 25% to 500%, so that you can locate all the elements exactly where they should be and draw your lines more accurately. You can turn your court either horizontally or vertically. Finally, you can play, pause, or stop your whole animation at any moment. The program permits you to save you work to a disk file for later reuse. Besides saving your work, it can also export it to any of the formats supported by the program - image, Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, Flash animation, and AVI animation. This will make it easier for you to distribute it among your players.

In short, Basketball Pro 2006 turns out to be very useful for any amateur or professional basketball coach. Unfortunately, the complete program is no longer available to buy since it belongs now to a company called “Sportplan”. You can still download and install the demo, but you will be able to use it for a limited time only. The program says you can use it for 30 days, but I could use it for about one week only before it got expired. However, you will be able to buy the new versions of the program from Sportplan when they are available.

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  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to work with the most popular models of basketball courts
  • Allows you to set the zoom level of the court between 25% and 500% for better accuracy
  • Allows you to turn the court horizontal or vertical
  • Allows you to export your strategy to several popular formats for easy distribution


  • You can no longer buy the full product
  • You will be able to use it for about one week only

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I love this game.

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